Hi this is Emmerson

I just want to thank you for taking the time to read of my summary and to finding out more about me.

I am from a small Island in the caribbean call Barbados

I have a wonderful son who is 8 years old and i am a single dad

After leaving school at 17 years old, i join a skills training program where i learn how to operate and drive tractor, and after getting my driver’s Licence, i went in search for a job driving tractor…

After not being able to get a job as a tractor driver I then went on to find work in the hotel and restaurant industry as a porter, and after 6 months i got a chance to move up to waiter position, and after that i work my way up to bartender position which is something i truly enjoy doing.

But being a bartender was not paying me enough to be in control of my bills  and i was getting deep in debt so i had to find a way to bring in more income.

That’s when i turn to the internet to find new ways to making money.

I join lots of affiliate marketing businesses but had little success with them all.

I join network marketing businesses like Amway but again very little results.

They were times when things were going good and then they were times when things were going bad, really bad,in fact i had more bad days than good days.

But i knew that you can make money online and i just had to find out how, how to do it consistently enough so i can stay and work from home.

I had to figure out what worked, and what did not work.

And after the determination and willingness to learn more about the home business industry and what it has to offer and the FREEDOM it brings i was determine to set up my own business and work from home.

Then i came across a company call {The Power Lead System}  and i got a mentor, and that’s when things started to change for me. I learn new ways to market my business online and offline and as i took daily action I kept getting better and better at marketing and now things are really looking up for me.

It was a struggle at first because it was something new and i had to get use to it and the way it works.
Now i have broken through and i know how how to generate money online consistently.

And if i can do it, you can do it too. I am nobody special, just an ordinary person from a small country in the caribbean who has a dream and a goal to make a living from home.

I am doing this because of the FREEDOM it brings and the time that i get to spend with my son. And that really means a lot to me and i would like others to experience the same thing as well.
because it is worth it.

I love travelling and meeting new people
I like watching and playing basketball, cricket and football as well.
You can say i am an all rounder sports person.

You can partner with me here in my business opportunity, and let’s make a difference in our lives and with those who are willing to do what it takes to make their dreams a reality.