Life is full of ups and downs,Things not working out our way,Just when we think things can’t be worst that’s when they do get worst.

Well you know what, it’s all that and more that makes us even stronger.

Life isn’t perfect but that’s what make life what it is…You cherish the good and learn from the bad.

You learn what you’re made of from these trials, and they only prepare you for your future and what it holds.

Because if you didn’t have anything worth living for in the future then why such the hard times in your life, because  “someone”  doesn’t want you to get through in life.

They know you have so much potential and once you get through… you’ll be doing great things and you’ll be unstoppable.

I said that because if these hard times now couldn’t stop you,those future won’t either.

You are capable of so much more than you know now….Don’t doubt yourself no more or be afraid,

Don’t think why me?’ Instead say try me to life and fight through the hard times,

even when it seems hopeless press through it all. you will come out stronger,more experience,more thankful,tougher and even happier than you were before..

It all prepares you for later down the road for those future successes and even those struggles that may arise.

But you will handle them easier because you have been through it.So keep your head up, life is tough,but you are tougher and you best believe your best moments are ahead of you.

So continue being the best version of yourself that you can be and always upgrade yourself, never try being someone else.

When failure happens learn from it and make adjustments for next time. Just never cease trying or going after your dreams.

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