After 3 years of building a business online and learning others how to do the same, I have observed that the BIGGEST PROBLEM that new people have has nothing to do with “know-how” or “technical savvy” or “selling skills” or any of that stuff.
The biggest problem new people have is they don’t understand what commitment is.

Some people think that building a business is supposed to be as easy as showing up for work at a wage-job. It’s not. And it doesn’t pay like a wage job either.

See, just showing up and work and serving time is about the easiest thing one can do.

It requires no self-discipline, no self-starting, no ambition, no intention to succeed. You just have to show up and do what you’re told all day long.

Heck, anyone can do that.

That’s why the pay is so lousy!

If you want to build a real business and you want to achieve the levels of income that you learned about in our Insider Success Report before you started your trial it’s going to take COMMITMENT.

I promise, promise, “triple-dog promise” you that there is no such thing as failure. There is only commitment or quitting.

Commitment leads to success, every time.
Quitting is simply choosing to fail, every time.

watch this short video on commitment by less brown

Do you want to be a success or do you want to be a quitter?

See, all the tools, all the info that you need to know to make that change that you want in your life is there for you inside our PLS Masterminds team training and resources site, and within the Power Lead System member area.

It’s ALL in there.

You’ll either commit and put some time in and build up your team, or you’ll choose to stay broke.

After all, time is going to pass and you’re going to get older either way. The bills aren’t going away. You have the vehicle that will get you there. It’s up to you to put it in gear and drive my friend.

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emmerson baker